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With El Chapo’s mother,  Doña Consuelo Guzmán Loera.

With El Chapo’s mother, Doña Consuelo Guzmán Loera.

“Coke” left for a recently deceased young narco, Pante  ó  n La Lima, Culiacán, Sinaloa.

“Coke” left for a recently deceased young narco, Panteón La Lima, Culiacán, Sinaloa.

IN THE THRALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING: The Secret History of El Chapo, the World’s Most Notorious Narco

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Part 1 of the “In Search of El Chapo” trilogy, as excerpted in the New York Post

A journey past cartel checkpoints up to El Chapo’s remote hometown hideout in the Sierra Madre to interview Joaquín Guzmán Loera’s family and separate man from myth. The surprising telenovela details of his childhood are laid bare in an exploration of exactly how this third-grade dropout, Mexico’s most controversial narco-trafficker, rappelled his way from the rock pile that is La Tuna, Sinaloa, onto Forbes magazine's big-time billionaire list, governing a $14-billion empire even as he was on the lam, living in simple pine shacks with plastic folding chairs where the phone service went down if it was raining.

Also, surprising revelations about the Pentecostal faith his family (and he) credit with keeping him alive all these years and helping him escape jail and the authorities numerous times, the gift his mother and sisters (and even himself, supposedly) have of speaking in tongues. Including many never-seen pictures of Chapo's haunts in Badiraguato Municipality’s La Tuna, the surprising seat of his empire, and also rare material from his Brooklyn court trial, where convicted on all ten counts of his indictment, he faces life in Colorado's Supermax prison. How Chapo lived and how he loved, the deal with his many wives and the very many children, and many other new stories and details of his life straight from the courtroom where he was just found guilty in his New York City trial.


The El Chapo Guide to LIVING LA VIDA NARCO

Lifestyles of the rich and narco in Culiacán, the essentially closed city almost every notorious narco called home and—according to the senior DEA agent on the scene at the 2014 arrest of Sinaloa cartel-boss Joaquín El Chapo” Guzmán“the lion’s den and stronghold of the most powerful cartel in the world.” Original, at-the-scene reporting and photographs, including wild and weird Tarantino-ish tales of life in the high-flying Sinaloa cartel as recounted by its top tier of management, Chapo’s own senior staff.



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From: Woman Descending a Staircase


Monologue: Sylvia kills time as she awaits the return of her children and her estranged philandering fellow-poet husband Ted Hughes from a nearby zoo.